Interior design


The design is inspired by the idea of ‘cultural villages’ – the distinct little neighbourhood that make up great cities, such as Soho, Wall Street and the Upper West Side in New York. Each neighbourhood has its own unique personality, people and purpose yet they’re all linked by a common thread.

In many ways Edelman is the same. A series of distinct units such as public relations, digital and experiential – each with their own unique characteristics, yet integrated into a greater whole in the form of Edelman.

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Everything we produce, from Media Facade on buildings to interiors, to transport, engineering and product design is the culmination of an evolutionary process that derives beauty from form, economy and efficiency.



Edelmann is the firm that assisted in the launch of Yahsat’s first satellite, the first time the Arab world received high-definition television programming. They were chosen by the National Day Committee to co-ordinate celebrations to honor the United Arab Emirates’s 40th Anniversary.



These features were embedded into the design of Edelman Abu Dhabi. Think about the spaces in the office. At one end there’s the ‘festival space’, with an amphitheatre and café-style seating, where people come to eat, chat and be entertained. At the other end you have the main workspace, designed for people doing deep, focused work. And in between are a series of collaborative spaces, such as the main meeting room called the ‘city loft’ for its relaxed, urban, yet sophisticated feel.