iDEA&Associates offers a single point-of-contact for all your design needs. From technology integration on buildings, lighting sculptures, interiors design, products, vehicles and yachts design, we can help you to realize your custom dreams. iDEA&Associates takes care of all the process, from the concept to production.

At iDEA&Associates we design utilizing a broad digital approach utilizing 2D and 3D software programs, virtualization, photo-realistic images, video renders, 3D printing technology (PLA, SLA, LCD). We strongly believe that research and development, together with design and engineering, are essential steps to build highly effective products.



At iDEA&Associates, projects begin with our clients’ ideas, which we follow as guidelines. Ideas that we treat with respect and integrate into our design protecting them through all the design stages.

Once the concept Phase is approved, we begin the Design phase. During the Design Phase, iDEA&Associates’ designers optimize the shapes in order to meet the client’s taste with the functionality of the parts.



At iDEA&Associates we invest a lot of time in Research & Development. Through this phase we are able to process a lot of informations that for the Engineering Phase. R&D is a fundamental step for big and complicated project such as Burj Khalifa LED screen.

Once we have finalized the R&D, iDEA&Associates’ engineers move to the Engineering phase. It’s at this stage where we define all the components and we finalize all the aspects of the projects, from the biggest component to the smallest details.



At iDEA&Associates we believe in technology and we keep open to new approaches to design. We believe that 3D printing and rapid prototyping are effective instruments to improve and optimize the design process.

iDEA&Associates has invested in new technologies and we are able to provide provide 3D printed parts for each phase of the project, from small aesthetic objects to big functional parts to test onsite.





Once the Concept, Design, R&D and Engineering is approved, iDEA&Associates’ architects develop technical drawing for the production. We consider this phase crucial for the good result of the project. We believe that technical drawings are a language to comunicate our design to suppliers.

iDEA&Associates has selected skilled international and local partners. We have selected the best companies who are able to deliver the quality and the attention to details that we use as standard at iDEA&Associates. Our supplier network increase the product value, lower costs and enhance project quality.



Petra van der Plas has 12 years of management experience in the Dutch construction sector. Her focus is mainly in the field of setting up of management systems in the areas of project organizations, quality and safety. In those years, she has achieved that 5 companies and several projects have been certified under international standards.

Her technical and management academic background has ensured that companies were set up in a solid way, projects are tackled in a hands-on approach and difficulties dealt with on an analytically and systematically strategy.



At iDEA&Associates we work toigether with skilled international partners. We have selected the best people on the international market to increase the product value, lower costs, expand markets and geographic reach and enhance product and service offerings.

Our design and products are strengthened by alliances with leading technology partners. Our network of alliance and teaming relationships creates business value, reduces risk and costs while accelerating project deliveries.

iDEA&Associates continues to develop and extend its network of partners in areas where we need complementary skills, experience and facilities to deliver the best results for our client projects. We consider our Associates our biggest competitive advantage, and it’s our responsibility and privilege to take care of them during all the project.